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Revolution Realty does business in accordance with the Fair Housing Act. All occupants over the age of 18 must qualify. All non-dependent leaseholders or non-dependent occupants of legal age must fill out an application and are considered to be applicants. Each applicant must complete an application in its entirety and all information provided must be true, accurate and complete, as well as verifiable. Qualification is determined using a credit analysis model, income verification, and criminal background history. Resident history may be evaluated based upon the outcome of credit analysis. Each applicant’s credit and criminal status will be individually evaluated; leaseholders’ income will be combined for credit scoring.

Residents Benefits Package Disclaimer:

All Revolution Realty residents are enrolled in the Resident Benefits Package (RBP) which includes HVAC air filter delivery (for applicable properties), utility concierge service making utility connection a breeze during your move-in, our best-in-class resident rewards program, and much more! More details upon application.

The Revolution Realty Resident Benefits Package (RBP) delivers savings and convenient, professional services that make taking care of your home second nature. By applying, Applicant agrees to be enrolled and to pay the applicable cost of $25.00/month, payable with rent. 

Valid Identification:

Copy of valid identification must be provided at time of application otherwise unit on application will not be reserved


Verifiable gross monthly income for all leaseholders is combined and entered into the credit scoring model for each applicant. The combined minimum income requirement is two and a half times the amount of monthly rent. Additional sources of income may be considered. Guarantors, if required, will meet a minimum monthly income of four times the monthly rental amount.

Income verification must be provided within 48 hours after submittal of application otherwise unit on application may no longer be reserved.

Payment Requirements:

Only U.S. Dollars accepted

Credit Analysis:

A credit report will be secured and evaluated for all leaseholders. We do not accept Reusable Tenant Screening Reports.

Renters’ Insurance:

Proof of renters’ insurance is required at time of move-in and Tenant is required to maintain coverage during tenancy. Tenant may obtain Required Insurance or broader coverage from an insurance agent or insurance company of Tenant’s choice.  If Tenant furnishes evidence of such insurance and maintains the insurance for the duration of the Agreement, then nothing more is required.  If Tenant does not maintain Required Insurance, the insurance requirement may be satisfied by Landlord, who may purchase such coverage through the Landlord’s Legal Liability Insurance Policy (“LLIP”). The total cost to the Tenant for the Landlord obtaining LLIP shall be $11.50 per month, subject to no proration. 

Criminal History:

A criminal background check will be conducted for each applicant. Each application will be individually evaluated and further investigation into the circumstances of the following crimes will be conducted:

Felony conviction
Any terrorist related conviction
Any illegal drug related conviction
Any prostitution related conviction
Any sex related conviction
Any cruelty to animals related conviction
Conviction involving crime against persons or property
Any of the above related charges resulting in “Adjudication Withheld” and/or “Deferred Adjudication”
Active status on probation or parole resulting from any of the above

Active/Pending legal cases involving felony charges may hinder approval as this may effect applicants ability to fulfill lease terms

Additional information may be required to approve application.

Rental History:

Rental history for the past 36 consecutive months will be evaluated based on the outcome of the credit analysis. Any balance owing to another apartment community will result in an immediate denial of the rental application.

Additional Deposits/Guarantors:

A guarantor may be required based on the outcome of the credit analysis, income verification, background check or rental history of the applicant(s). Guarantors must score a “Qualified” credit outcome and must make at least 5 times the monthly rental rate to qualify.

Housing Availability:

The listing of available apartments and single family homes to rent is updated as each unit becomes available. This may occur at varying times throughout the day and accordingly, available listing at business day begin may differ from the available listing at business day end. A unit becomes available to lease when Management receives a notice to vacate, and/ or receives the keys, and/or validates a vacancy.

Application Fees:

A standard application fee of $30.00 applies to all applicants and is required before an application can be submitted and processed.